The Cellar

The Celler Analec is a family winery that made the first wine making in 2006. The winery is located in the town of Nalec, in the Urgell region (Lleida), in the middle of the Corb Valley.
The brand that our products carry is “Analec”, a name that comes from what the town was called during the Middle Ages. All the wines we produce are made exclusively from grapes from the property’s vineyards. They are part of the Denomination of Origin Costers del Segre and within it in the Vall del Corb subzone.


To make a good wine you need a grape from a good vineyard. To be a good vineyard it must be in the right place; by the characteristics of the soil, by the altitude, by the climate, by its exposure to the sun, etc, … Tradition tells us which are the right places to plant the vines, when and how to prune them, when to pick the grapes,. And so with the whole process until the wine is obtained.
Our ancestors have been experimenting for many years, improving and learning … and this is the valuable legacy that they have left us and that we take advantage of and respect a lot.


In our vineyards we do not use chemical or systemic products, we use organic fertilizers. We know that the chemical and physical properties of the land have a decisive influence on the quality and characteristics of the wine, and we also know from all this that we are very careful to respect and preserve the environment.
On the other hand, we minimize the level of sulphites by adding little sulfurous acid in the winemaking process,
We want to be and we are respectful with the environment.


We continually innovate to provide the consumer with a product that surprises them, that exceeds expectations of what they expect. We innovate by cultivating, caring for and controlling the grapes and the winemaking process to have the conditions that allow us to achieve an exceptional product.
To do this, we persevere in the knowledge of agricultural science, in the good use of the technology of the production process and in an enological culture that respects the past and the winemaking tradition.

The Cellar Owners

The Figuerola-Mulets are a family that has always been rooted in the world of agriculture and this is a work that we are passionate about. The family motto is … “Without passion, nothing makes sense.”
From this passion, in 2006 we started the winery project with Xavier Figuerola, technical agricultural engineer and winemaker. Lover of technological innovation but, as he says himself, “without losing ties with the past and with the winemaking tradition”.
We are more artisans than artists.
We believe in the potential of the territory where we have our vineyards, the Vall del Corb. We know that the conditions of the land and the environment have a very important influence on the final product and that is why we take special care to preserve and respect it.

“Without passion, nothing makes sense”

Contact us

c/Carretera, s/n
25341 NALEC (Lleida)
Tels: +34 973303190 – +34 639353295 – +34 618139317
GPS: 41º33’39.42″ , 1º7’12.99″ 

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